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If purchasing a car for UK use then the following needs to be borne in
As a personal import the car must be used and driven abroad prior to
The route which has been commonly used has been to export from Japan to
Eire, Holland or Belgium. Temporarily register there, insure it, take a
trip there and drive it and then ship it in to the UK as an import from the
EU. A number of comapnies will assist in this procedure and at present it
is the only route avaialable for certain cars that have reached the UK
quota limit  (Mitsubishi EVO 5, Impreza WRX, Nissan Skyline V33's). We
would not recommend this route as most cars can be imported officially
directly into the UK if certain procedures are followed.

The alternative route is as a "Commercial Import", which we can assist
We have devised a streamlined system that allows us to offer a Japan to
your door service.
1) Purchase car in Yen, telegraphically transferring funds to our agents in
2) Car registered and deregistered in Japn (Japanese legal requirement),
transported to docks, documents sent to UK and car booked in for SVA test
3) Car checked over by our shippers before shipment, any damage being noted
on a condition report.
4) Car loaded on ro-ro ferry, one of a new fleet that takes just 26 days
for Japan to UK.
5) Car unloaded by shippers
6) Duties and shipping paid
7) Car converted for UK use ready for SVA test
8) Car delivered to your door along with all relevant docs.
9) Put car through SVA test
10) With all docs to hand you can now register and drive on the UK roads.

Charges 100,000yen for  2 above and a further 100,000yen for our Japanese
fees (negotiating purchase, sending photos, checking car etc.)
Shipping at 85$US per cubic metre (aroung 600 for an average sized car),
55 for UK customs clearance 10:00 for marine insurance. Conversion costs
200:00 (sometimes slightly less or more depending on car involved) 100:00
for transport to home address. 165:00 for SVA test and 24:00 first reg
cost and then the cost of the RFT (150 for 12 mths).
To co-ordinate all this and advise you and keep you informed throughout we
charge 500:00.
For your 500:00 we will also do the following:-
Firstly you will be buying at Japanese trade prices so there is no Japanese
dealer mark up or UK dealer mark up
When buying for the UK market it is as well to cross reference the eventual
cost of the car with what the tarde value of  a UK equivalent would be. It
is easy to be carried away with the presumed cost, however private buyers
are often quite unaware what a similar car would cost at auction. As we are
also buying cars in the UK for shipment elsewhere we have a good idea as to
the true value of vehicles.

We will tell you the UK equivalent and advise against a purchase if we think it is in your best interests.

We tend to buy most of our UK bound cars to order, either new or nearly
new. Older cars can be as much trouble from Japan as in the UK. Prior to
purchase we will give  you an indication of what you would have to pay for
a given model. On locating a car, our Japanese agents take Digital photos
of the car and E-mail them here. We will then alert you by phone that
photos are being sent by e-mail to you, then discuss the car with you. If
you want the car then we start the procedures.

The Japanese are renowned for their honesty and integrity and will always
reveal accident damage (in which case we avoid). They also grade cars on a
scale of  0-6, rising by .5 increments. 0 is the worst 6 is similar to a
zero mile pre-reg UK car. We only recommend cars graded 4.5 upwards. The
bulk of the cars that have reached our shores via some of the more "dodgey"
routes are 3.5 and under.

Incidentally, the cars advertised on the site are bound for many countries including New
Zealand, (the traditional home of used Japanese cars.), Australia, West Indies, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Russia and hence many may not be attractive to you but we can certainly source your requirements to order.

Example of car cost:

1,500,000 yen purchase price
   200,000 yen Jap. costs
1,700,000 Jap. total

Sterling equivalent at 220y/  (check the rate in the FT each day for an
accurate fig.)

  772:75 import duty
1487:50 VAT

600:00 Shipping
   10:00 Marine insce
55:00 Clearance fees
200:00 UK isation
100:00 transporter costs
165:00 SVA
174:00 Tax and reg
500:00 Our costs

Total 11791:00
The type of car that can be bought for 1,500,000 yen are 96P Mitsubishi
Challengers with all the extras or  96P MGF,  New Toyota Corolla Diesel 4x4
We realise that you will want to discuss various aspects and be satisfied
with our integrity. I would suggest that you ring me on my land line at 01
896 860245 or 757575 or / and e mail me on autotrust@zetnet.co.uk
Bob Lawrie
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