Domestic Cars
The Japanese grade all their cars based on condition, accident history, mileage and general condition. The grading is most commonly 0 to 5 with 5 being a very good condition domestic car requiring little if any panel work (maybe $200 worth). The grade of cars sold on the domestic market are usually grade 4 or 5 and a very few grade 3.5. No cars sell on the domestic market if they have inaccurate service history or have had any significant accident history. Most commonly exported cars are grade 3 to 3.5 with a few grade 4 cars from time to time. These cars are generally cheaper as their is no competition to buy these cars on the local Japanese market. One only has to ask why an international car buyer can go to an auction of 3,000 cars and buy only 4 or 5 cars from the 3,000 available. The international end users have had very little exposure to grade 4 and 5 cars which make up for 80-90% of the cars available at the same auctions. Our suppliers sell these grade 4 and 5 cars. Nearly all our cars have service records and they also have the Japanese Franchise Dealers certification of those records for authenticity.

Value for money
It goes without saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. This applies to the purchase of cars as well. If you only want the cheapest car, you wont find it here. If you want a good value domestic car, keep on looking. Any apparent extra costs are relative to the condition and grade of the vehicle. Once you have purchased one of these, you will not look back as the ongoing costs of a genuine car are much less than a lower grade car which has done unknown mileage’s or has an unknown history. There is no substitute for quality.

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