FM Radio Converters
Japan's FM band is unique in the world (76Mhz-90Mhz). As result when a vehicle originally produced for the Japanese market is imported into another country, the stereo system (which is often of high quality) will restrict the frequencies available. In addition in many countries the radio telephone band lies in the range of Japanese radio band which can result in unwanted radio telephone signals breaking over the top of a radio broadcast.

One solution is to replace often otherwise perfect stereo system with a locally manufactered system. Unfortunately many of the late model Japanese vehicles (especially exclusive models) have their car stereos built in as part of the dash board, a permanent fixture, making the use of an FM converter the only solution available. Fitting an FM converter to the existing system also provides a very cost effective alternative to total replacement of the system.

Japancars.com is able to provide a standard FM converter kit that will shift the selected frequency by 10Mhz, for example with the kit fitted the stereo system display will read 89.8Mhz but the stereo will by tuned to 99.8Mhz. Our FM converter kits do not affect the AM frequency range of your car stereo.

10Mhz FM Converter

The standard FM converter kit is available from autojapan.com for only US$20.00 + US$5.95 P+P per converter kit, please email us for more information or to place your order. Special rates are available for bulk orders of 10 or more units. Other variations of the FM converter kit are also available including a 12Mhz shift, 24Volt and a deluxe kit for use in areas with high radio telephone interference.

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