Payment Terms and Charges
Once you have selected a car, you simply advise us you wish to make the purchase and we will provide the following information:  
  • The total landed price in your country and currency plus an estimate of the on road costs based on the average yen rate at the time of purchase. All the cars are purchased in Yen rather than your currency as the exchange rates may fluctuate.
  • The anticipated shipping and arrival date
  • The payment amounts required. These are the purchase price first (within 2 or 3 days of confirmation). The export fee which is paid at the time of shipping. This is 100,000yen per car. The costs to pay upon arrival in your country to customs and the shipping company. Shipping rates vary for all countries and can be from around $65USD m3  to $140USD m3
  • Your local domestic costs to register your new car.
What is involved for me?
Simply select or order the car and agree on the payments. Wait the necessary shipping and export time and we will have your car available for delivery all registered and ready to drive. It is a simple as that. Your biggest decision is which car to buy, we take care of everything else on your behalf.  
If you are buying from an area where we have no agent, we can only provide the purchase, export and shipping to your nearest port. You must do the import documents and registration etc.
Costs Payable to Your Agent.
These are specified by each of our agents/dealers in you country. 
Ordering Cars not in stock or buying from Auction.
Please complete the cars wanted details and we will confirm your request with an approximate price and availability. Our focus is customer service and supply of the right car for the right price.  
Recently we have been asked to buy cars on behalf from Auction. This is fine but for individual cars, will attract a surcharge of 30,000yen per unit as a "Buy Fee". We are more than happy to do this but would request if you are not a regular customer, that we have a 10 percent deposit (of the approximate budget) deposited into our auction account. This is to cover the event of cancellation or failure to remit the full payment but is also crdeited to your balance when you pay for the car. This method does work very well and ensures we find your car quickly at a good price. We effectively work as "your eyes" and you do not have the expense of the trip to Japan for an additional fee of only 30,000yen
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